Why Magazines Should Be Using Vine

In 2013, Twitter launched a new app, Vine, and it caught on with users like wild fire.

Courtesy of Mashable.com

Courtesy of Mashable.com

The app allows users to post 6 second videos, and allows them to use video techniques like time lapse to create humorous or informational video clips.

I wanted to research the use of this app with magazines, but when I went to search for information on the subject….nothing. Google failed me! I found a few things, but nothing that really related to the print magazine industry. This made me think. Are magazines not taking advantage of yet another form of social media marketing? I searched for some popular magazines on Vine, and lo and behold, they existed! However, most had not posted anything in many months. Two that had kept an updated Vine were Rolling Stone magazine, and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Rolling Stone has updated consistently about once a month for the last year. Their videos are mostly magazine cover teasers, or videos about a musical group or person. Check out one of their vines here.

Cosmopolitan has uploaded more often, and has also created a funny mini-series called #CosmoWeatherGirl (click here to see a vine!). They show a cute blonde telling jokes or complaining about the polar vortex that was this past winter. I don’t think I could categorize their vine channel like Rolling Stone.

Of the two, I thought users would be more inclined to subscribe/follow Cosmopolitan-like vine accounts because they showcased personality. At least I would be! But Rolling Stone boasts at least 50,000 more followers than Cosmo.

Many magazines have not taken advantage of this app, but there are tons of tips all across the internet discussing how to use Vine for companies and businesses. I have compiled a few here for your enjoyment.

Tips for Using Vine (according to Sprout Content):

  • Content should be intriguing and genuine.
  • The message needs to be short and sweet. 6 seconds is all you have!
  • Content should be visually engaging.
  • Use hashtags!
  • Share your vines on other platforms.

What to “Vine” (courtesy of Website Magazine):

  • Behind-the-scenes of events (whether special, or daily).
  • Previews of content/products
  • Flaunt some humor.
  • Get staff members to contribute.
  • Re-vine.
  • Thank your customers!

You may be thinking, sure, this all sounds great. But WHY do magazines need to adopt yet ANOTHER silly app to try and connect with the reader?

Well, would you rather read a 500-word article on…let’s say a beauty product (could be featured in Cosmo) or watch a cute 6-second video that sparks your interest (and perhaps directs you to an article about it)? YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity. Users love watching videos! Vine isn’t dead yet, people. Analyze your target market, and then determine whether this simple app is worth your while.


Courtesy of Social Media Today


4 thoughts on “Why Magazines Should Be Using Vine

  1. Awesome job of not giving up and researching how video sharing softwares such as Vine have a place for companies! Just like how Youtube was so helpful for companies such as Seventeen, Vine can be really important like you said, for sparking interest in online articles. This platform is really helpful for creating buzz, showing behind-the-scenes footage and providing quick, interesting info. It would be interesting to see if magazines are able to synch apps such as Vine with their existing plaforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as their online editions. The infographics are great, Christina. They were really able to give me a lot of info at a glance just like Vine! Loving reading these posts, your blog rocks!

  2. Vine is the best way to make video “snackable” media! Sometimes I don’t have the time or desire to watch a YouTube video, either from laziness or just simply having a busy schedule and not having the free time to watch. Vine is a great opportunity to get creative and get people’s immediate attention. I really like the suggestions from Website Magazine that you shared, I think those points are exactly what magazines need to be working on when they are using Vine. Great job digging up some information on Vine, it had to be touch to find information on such a new social media app! The infographic is a great convincing tool to get companies to hop on the Vine movement!

  3. Vine really is one of the newest things to hit the public. People have really gotten into it and you campaign that magazines should too! It again, makes perfect sense that they can use this tool in order to showcase their products, show people inside the store, advertise for your new products, and simply “amaze” them. I like this approach. Vine is convenient by placing a short time limit on videos, you feel as if you don’t have to invest a lot of time to see it. I can see how this would take off for magazines! What do you think magazines should showcase with vine?

  4. Vine is popular application that a lot my friends have! I had no idea that Cosmopolitan and Rolling Stone had such interest in the social media application but again, like you said, print isn’t dead! I just recently made a blog about one fashion designer who joined Vine as well, to give her viewers a better sense of her fashion brand. The fashion designer did little teasers to show back stage of the runway show and one and one 6 second interviews! Overall, Vine is a unique application and a great tool for magazines or fashion designers, in creating an intimate and personal relationship with their viewership. Are you a fan of Vine?

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