Who? You! Seventeen magazine plans to take over YouTube

A well-known magazine aimed at teen girls has seen an opportunity and seized it. Hearst’s Seventeen will now be partnering with Awesomeness TV (owned by DreamWorks Animation) to improve the former’s YouTube presence.

Let’s take a quick look at some other magazines’ YouTube statistics:
Lucky– 4,356 subscribers
Elle– 22,666 subscribers
Vogue– 74,945 subscribers
Teen Vogue– 100,252 subscribers
Cosmopolitan (HelloStyle)- 167,662 subscribers
Seventeen– 209, 133 subscribers

It can be seen that Seventeen’s channel has the most subscribers, with Cosmo and Teen Vogue following close behind. Teen girls are changing where they find their content. YouTube allows for a unique and relatable experience, unlike most print magazines.

Seventeen YouTube

Image courtesy of Seventeen’s YouTube Channel (screenshot)

As an avid YouTube viewer myself, I know and follow most of the “famous” YouTubers who have upwards of 500,000 subscribers (Michelle Phan, Ingrid Nilsen, Nikki Philippi, etc.). They have worked hard and made personal connections with their subscribers to keep them coming back. You would think that popular magazines would have a larger following than these ordinary people, but that is quite the contrary.

One channel in particular that seems to have a lot of support is Awesomeness TV. Boasting 37,758,514 subscribers across their network of channels, Awesomeness TV utilizes all those “famous” YouTube personalities to keep their content fresh and relevant. From DIY and beauty videos to girl talk and celebrities, Awesomeness TV covers it all.

Awesomeness TV

Image courtesy of AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel (screenshot)

Hearst took notice of the talent and skills that Awesomeness TV had, and wanted that for their own. They have now partnered with them to improve Seventeen’s channel. They have plans for a MCN (multi-channel network), including a few ideas for user-generated content. However, Seventeen does not want to become all user-generated.

Awesomeness TV will handle all of the content, while Hearst continues to take charge of advertising pursuits. There are rumors that the new and improved channel will even include original scripted series-type shows.

“‘Our partnership with AwesomenessTV speaks to the growing importance of digital video content and Hearst’s commitment to being a key player in the creation and distribution of entertaining programming, wherever, whenever and however people want it,’ said Hearst Magazines president David Carey in a statement. ‘AwesomenessTV is a leader in this area and we are very excited to join with them to expand Seventeen across the fastest growing platform to build its ever-expanding fan base.’” 

Hearst hopes to improve their connectivity with their audience, and keep their magazine at the forefront of young girls minds. What better way to do that then to partner with someone who is already a leader in that social media platform?

So, will Seventeen’s plan to target their audience work? We’ll have to wait and find out.


4 thoughts on “Who? You! Seventeen magazine plans to take over YouTube

  1. Your article relates so much to my blog and what I’m researching currently. I too am also researching the effects of social media and fashion companies, and seventeen magazine is a great example. Nowadays being a “Youtuber” was frowned upon but since social media has reached a new time high, more companies are more likely to partner with them. Your article for example shows that not only are fashion industries embracing social media but Seventeen magazine is as well. I love your profile and your use of video to express the overall content. As a researcher for this topic, do you think social media and the power of the Internet will overcome print media and magazines in general?

  2. It’s interesting to hear that even though Seventeen magazine had the most subscribers on YouTube, they brought in a partner such as Awesomeness TV to even further solidify their online presence. Seventeen is shown as a leader in digital magazines, so the partnership with Awesomeness TV (which is a leader in its field) seems perfect. Maybe since AwesomenessTV is owned by DreamWorks, we’ll see some Shrek and Madagascar lol.

    The move is really smart be Seventeen’s audience seems to really want all of their information in one easy to find spot, and have user-genrated videos in addition to the content produced by Seventeen itself. That’s what AwesomenessTV does best. I really want to compliment you on the design and layout of your blog, Christina! Plenty of white space, contrast, easy to read, and your titles are really catchy.


  3. Just recently being around the age to read Seventeen Magazine, after I finished reading the magazine I ended up following them onto Youtube and checking out some of their videos. It’s really interesting to me that Awesomeness TV has taken to helping Seventeen Magazine and generating more of a concrete online presence for them. I was one of the girls that watched their videos but didn’t know any of the background story until now. In my opinion, they have a pretty good strategy and I think it will work wonders for them. What do you think? Thanks for sharing, Christina!

  4. First of all, I’m so glad you put Seventeen’s YouTube presence into perspective with other magazines. They do have a strong amount of subscribers, but you did a good job in showing that just because you have a lot of followers, it doesn’t mean you are actively and effectively using that social media to engage with the followers. Seventeen recognized their need to pump up the quality of their videos in order to engage in a conversation with their followers. I think a magazine partnering with a company like AwesomenessTV, who is an expert on YouTube success is a very smart move in Seventeen’s strategic planning of social media. Thanks for the screenshots!

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