Why Do Magazines NEED Social Media?


Reason #1: Everything is becoming digital.

In a decade where some kids don’t know how to use a library catalog, it’s hard to say that magazines aren’t fading away. Issue after issue, print magazines are fighting for the public’s attention. What some magazines don’t understand is that social media is just what they need to keep them alive. Social media has the potential to enhance what we read in magazines.

A recent study by the MPA and GfK MRI shows that millennials (age 18-34) are, in fact, utilizing social media to connect with their favorite publications. However, most people follow their favorite magazines on social media to try to gain something for themselves. Coupon codes, promotions, or giveaways on social media platforms are just some examples of the many ways magazines can grasp the public’s attention.

Reason #2: We live an “on-the-go” lifestyle. Print magazines are not.

I hardly ever have time to sit down and read a tangible magazine. I would probably say that the only time I will read one is when I am sitting in a doctor’s office or on a plane. So, if magazines have an online magazine presence (web address, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in addition to a print one, they have a greater chance of reaching their audience. Linking articles in tweets or Facebook posts is a much more user-friendly way to share content these days. This virtual sharing of information also allows content to become “viral”—something that can be seen as good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

Also, some people may not have time to read the physical magazine, but they do have time to read the magazine’s tweets or Facebook posts while they are on the go.

Twitter 3 Twitter 2 Twitter 1

There are billions and billions of Facebook “shares” and retweets of magazine content each month that contribute to the magazine industry’s success overall.  Interactivity is key on social media platforms. Plain print magazines don’t allow for much commentary and interaction…but add a comment function on a Facebook page, and BAM! suddenly people are switching out their magazine for an iPad.

Social media is more powerful than we can ever imagine, and those magazines that haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, should be ready to immediately.


4 thoughts on “Why Do Magazines NEED Social Media?

  1. I like how you discussed the subject of magazines. The magazine business is a industry that doesn’t seem to be stacking up compared to the digital world. I liked your use of graphics and showing the tweets as a visual aid to help translate the story. I also find it interesting that there is billions of Facebook “shares” and retweets of magazine content each month that contribute to the magazine industry’s success. Who knew that by sharing media content on facebook and sharing can help a struggling business.

  2. It’s so true that magazines who are not online and on social media are at a tremendous disadvantage. With the widespread use of mobile phones and tablets, people are getting their news and content through a screen rather than on paper. I’ve gotta say that the first thing I do in the morning is scroll through my Twitter feed and read articles on my phone. It’s really great to be able to have not just the most recent magazine, but most every magazine available on the go via your smart phone. I like how magazines are also using the powers of sharing and interacting on social media to be able to help remain relevant and promote their brand. Now you can see what people think about a hot or controversial story in real time.

    Even with digital magazines, there’s still something so thrilling about a hard copy of a magazine, right? I’m notorious for cutting out all of the pictures in my Sports Illustrated’s. Print copies are especially great for reading at the beach/pool.

  3. The video made sense! It breaks down what viral marketing is and gives examples of how it’s used. I liked that video! Thank you for sharing it! I always loved reading magazines but now that I can access most of the stories online, I hardly buy them anymore. Do buy any magazines regularly? I like your article! It’s true that people have become more in touch with publications that allow readers to comment or subscribe or give some way to get people’s voices out in the open. What other kinds of magazines do you think would benefit from “jumping on the bandwagon”?

  4. I can definitely tell you did your research with this blog post! You gave some great reasons why magazines need social media, or else they’re going to soon find themselves in a sticky situation. You did a great job of presenting all this information. Giving the reasons why magazines need social media, and then giving some great information and resources to help us understand this! I really loved the video, and everything was broken up and easily digestible. I complete agree that magazines need to hop onto the social media train NOW, or suffer the consequences. Great first post, keep up the great work!

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